www.office.com/setup :- Enter Microsoft Office Product Key

Office Setup Guide How to Setup Microsoft Office Through Official Website Office.com/setup:-

  • Access the Microsoft website  www.office.com/setup on the browser for  login.
  • Type the information on Login.
  • You would be requested to type in the product key.
  • After typing, click enter.
  • Fill the required information in the boxes.
  • Pick the suitable subscription from the list for all Office Subscription.
  • Then press download.

After you have downloaded the file, go to downloads, and double click on the Office setup file.

  • A tab will appear asking permission to install Office, press yes.
  • Then the file will start installing.

Get Started with www.office.com/setup to Setup Office

Once you register on microsoft or set your microsoft account then you have received all of your credentials, you should proceed forward to setup your Microsoft office setup on your desktop’s and laptop buy follow some steps given below.


Microsoft office.com/setup is a full package of software for all in computer utility solutions for computers. The 365 enables users to access Outlook, One Drive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, on one-go, which helps you to communicate, collaborate, create and get desired results. Whether a student is using it or a business owner, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and all other Microsoft Office products are essential

How to Setup Office vai www.office.com/setup


Microsoft www.Office.com/setup is one of the most  office.com/setup widely used software throughout the world. Since its launch in 2001, it has achieved a landmark success.

Over the last two decades, Office has had numerous updates, with the addition of additional feature being introduced every time, and the recent Office Setup released now is the Office 2019.

That can be accessed from Office.com/setup, along with that the current version also includes eight versions –Office 365, Professional Plus, Enterprise, Microsoft Office Ultimate, Home and Student, etc. Microsoft Office can be set up on Windows and Mac.

With each new update, Microsoft Office has included features that have significantly improved its functionality and they fulfil the needs of people working from home, school, business, and enterprise services users.

Microsoft Office 2019 and Office 365 are significantly different, Office 365 is a cloud based subscription, with all the updated tools, whereas, Office 2019 means making aonetime purchase, and paying for each update.This can be installed either on Mac or Windows. Microsoft Office is also accessible online; it requires users to sign up for a Microsoft account with an email address on the web.

How to Download and Install Office.com/setup?

In its applications like Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and several others, Microsoft Office has introduced numerous updates throughout. These updates and new features can be accessed by users from school, business enterprises, or home. This software is compliant with nearly every web-enabled gadgets, and operating systems like laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. It also provides email and clouds storage capacity. Any version of the Microsoft Office can be bought, from office.com/setup,Office 2016, Office 365, Office 2019, Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2007, and Office 2003, based on the necessities of people, businesses, etc.

However, Microsoft Office is not difficult to download and install. The issues arise in the product key. People who purchase or subscribe from the official Microsoft website or some other legal website, they typically get a product key along with the product. Many of those use a pirated version of Microsoft Office experience issues when the software is being installed. Even if you manage to install the software, it will still cause problems. Not all features or updates will be accessible on the Microsoft applications. Pirated versions of Microsoft have an increased rate of being exposed to malware threats.

Installing the Office from the official Microsoft website is the best option. Microsoft has followed up with many updates and new features from 1995 until the most current 2019 edition, which has improved its


With updates and features being introduced every now and then, Microsoft has increased its functionality for users from home, school, and business.

Update Your Work Experience With MS Office During COVID-19

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There are many tools available at our fingertips but it is all about using them the right way. This challenging time calls for measures that are needed to keep up with surviving at this time.

Many businesses are not equipped to deal with remote working conditions. This is why such businesses need the right tools to implement a strategy that will help them and their employees to work from anywhere. With COVID-19 ravaging businesses all over the world, companies have to become more digitalized. They need to use tools that can help them carry out their activities without creating a dangerous and damaging environment for everyone.

A fact that we all have to understand is that till the time we have a vaccination for the virus we have to somehow keep the economy running without having any nonessential workers at the office. The global governments have asked many nonessential businesses to close down their offices but that does not mean that they can’t carry out their businesses remotely. This is where MS Office comes in. There are many features on MS Office that can help and support the remote working environment for different businesses.

Let’s explore some features of MS Office that you probably never used before and that is why you don’t know that they exist. Use these tools to equip yourself with working from anywhere at any time.

MS Office tools that will help in working remotely

Microsoft PowerPoint

download install setup

You can present in a meeting remotely as well with this tool. You can share your screen and do your presentations like you normally would. When you change slides, they will also change in the video call application you are using.

Apart from this, you can even utilize File Export to save any file as a video and then publish it onto Microsoft Stream. Probably wondering how this will benefit you? Well, you can easily transcribe any video this way and make it more accessible to your employees who can then search terms instead of listening to a whole file.

Did you know you can even have live translations and real-time captions through PowerPoint? It provides automatic captions and saw the audience that will see your presentation will have more ease. The translation feature is helpful if your company is global and you need to conduct meetings with people in various countries.

It can translate to more than sixty languages. How convenient is that? On top of that, you can even enable live presentations and the audience can move back slides themselves and choose the captions for themselves.

Microsoft Word

You can completely transform a single Word document into a website. Yes, that is possible. Here is what you need to do:

  • Click File
  • Then choose to Transform
  • Pick a template you like
  • Click on the Publish button

Bottom Line

There are many other features you can benefit from during COVID-19 to enhance the performance of employees within your organization. Remote working can become a hindrance but with the right tools, you can do so much just from the comfort of your home.

It also allows a person to expand their horizons and adapt to various changes. If there is one thing this pandemic has taught us then it is that life is unpredictable and one needs to be able to adapt to changes so they can survive in better ways.

Microsoft has also seen this gap and now have transformed its services within MS Office so its users can have a well-rounded experience.

What New Features Does The Microsoft Office 2019 Have?



There are a few features common between Microsoft Office 365 ,office.com/setup and Office 2019, but there are various features which have been modified as well. There is a list of exclusive features that the Office 2019 has brought.

Enhanced Features of Inking:

One of the most important features which have been added by the Microsoft office setup is they have upgraded their inking capacities.

Writing and drawing can be easily done with the help of the ink, by Office 2019. Roaming pencil case is an attractive feature added which allows the users to maintain a collection of their stationery such as pens and highlighters which they would like to roam around with.

Also, tilt effects have been introduced which aids one in making changes to how thick or thin is the ink of a pen by adjusting the inclination of the pen.

Hassle-Free Handling of the Emails:

The ones who have their emails on the Outlook accounts, Microsoft 2019 has offered them with a bunch of surprises that would solve their issues regarding looking after their emails.

Other inclusions by the Office 2019 are the Office 365 cards and @mentions.

Updated Features For Better Data Management:

The Microsoft office has come up with Excel, which still remains the most important and useful platform for carrying out data analysis.

Office 2019 had added a bit more features to the excel to improve its excellence and popularity among the common users.

It has provided its potential customers with advanced formulas, and also it comes with the availability of new types of charts. Also, it has offered advancements in PowerPivot and PowerQuery and has the provided Excel with the capability to publish to Power BI and office.com/setup.

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