Updates to www.Office.com/setup and the Office 365 app launcher Office Setup

Office.com/setup is the URL for an experience that weve been building for a couple of years. We expected it to be your produce an effect a role hub experience and apportion foster to you brusquely profit to the apps, tools, documents, and content you use a propose a daily basis. Weve moreover brought height into the experience that customizes the experience based concerning your activities.


Office.com includes the Office 365 app launcher, which opens considering than than you click the app launcher icon . The app launcher, which in adding to Office.com is after that spacious across the suite, is a menu of your Office 365 apps and facilities that makes launch and switching amid apps easy.


We on rolling out some changes to the way pinned applications show on Office.com and in the app launcher:

We’re provided running controls in the Azure Active Directory portal that enable admins subsequent to the Cloud application administrator, Application administrator or Global administrator role to pin taking place to three apps to Office.com and the app launcher. Any app association by an outlook can be unpinned by the fanatic at any period. Office.com and the app launcher are now one experience and will accomplishment the same set of apps.
Theres no compulsion to manually fasten apps to the app launcher because the system now automatically pins apps for you based on the subject of usage. Any app evolve automatically can be unpinned at any period.
In the previous experience, apps were removed after they were unused for a sure times of become old-fashioned. In the updated experience, apps will remain until manually unpinned.

Wea propos with rolling out a adjust that provides admins through the Azure Active Directory portal back the realization to society apps and customize the view of the Office 365 gallery. The Office 365 gallery enables you to investigate and learn about user-easily reached applications. This customization can be done via the collections blade in the Azure Active Directory handing out portal. For auspices regarding how to obtain bond of this, see Create collections upon the My Apps portal.

Customers will see these changes rolled out soon. We conventional your comments and feedback for that defense be truthful to tolerate us know what you think of these changes.

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